Future Solutions offers the following:


Enjoy your music in any room in your Smart Home. Control your music from one simple app or your in-wall touchscreens.
Thousands of radio stations from Tunein/Pandora.
Enjoy different music in different rooms simultaneously.
Dazzle your friends with your movie room.
Be amazed at the quality. Nothing else comes close.


From security cameras and DVR/cloud recording to door locks that open with a code, Future Solutions has you covered.

Need to let your in-laws in? You can do so remotely at the touch of a button.

Get notified when your kids use their code, so you know they are home safe.
Need to give the cleaning crew a code? You can give them one that works only on Wednesdays from 3pm - 5pm.
Someone's behind you? Enter code 9999 that will let you in, but sound the alarm and text your loved ones right away.

Lighting Automation

Press a button or say "Goodnight" and all your lights turn off. 
Have company over? With the touch of a button, all your designated lights turn to the brightest level.
Press Pause while watching a movie? The lights turn on to 20% to light your way.
All this and much more is possible with Lighting Automation.
All you have to do is change your switches/dimmers to Control4 ones, then you can control them from your Android/iPhone/Watch/TV/Alexa/Google Home

Motorized Shades

Set your alarm for 7am. When it goes off, your curtains automatically open to let the sunlight in.
Press the Goodnight button before you go to bed and your curtains automatically close.
Going on vacation? Make your house look livable by having the curtains move and the lights turn on and off at random times.


We are a fully licensed electrical company ready to serve all your needs from Panelized Lighting to wiring your whole home to hanging your chandelier. 


Does your WiFi not work in certain areas?
We offer networking services for home/office

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